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"Indoor tears never dry."Or, "Love song under the bus."

Publications- broadcasts: As of March,  2016.
“Requiem”, broadcast by CBC, (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.) read by the author;                            

“Hastings Street”, broadcast by CBC, published by Smartish Pace;

“The Alligator broadcast” by CBC, read by the author;

“Spring distances and other delicacies”, broadcast by CBC, read by the author;

“Winter in Ylorak” and “Beetles”, published in Smartish Pace;

“Orphicarian Reconnaissance, Flight No.4”, “Night Reconnaissance, Flight No.3” and “Checkmate”, published in The Review;

“Densities”, published in Bite; “Carmen Immanitates”,”Drying hair from 1030 kilometers”, “In the Canadian Winter”, and “ “On the Road”, published in the anniversary issue of Smartish Pace“;

"North”, broadcast by CBC;

“Deuteronomy”, published by Prism international“;

"Good bye in Alexandrime”, by Prism international;
“Quinte” published in The Verse Map of Vancouver by Anvil Press.
 “Cold Cuts”, and “That Pig”, published in “subTerrain”, Issue 69, Anvil Publishing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Translation of the poem Bartók Bélának – (For Béla Bartók) by the Hungarian poet Gyula Juhász (1883-1937) from Hungarian into English;                        
Translation of the poems of Janus Pannonius (1434-1472) Abiens valere iubet sanctos reges Waradini – (Bid farewell on the departure from the venerable Royal Várad) and In Anellum - "(against Anellus) translated from Latin into English, published in The Review;                                                                      

Translations of poems by József Utassy, Imre Péntek, János Parancs, János Oláh, and Simon Serföző, from Hungarian into English published in Smartish Pace; 
Translation of the script of the Hungarian movie, - Az Iglói Diákok, - with Deidre Derworiz, at the University of British Columbia, (also dubbed into English).

Short Stories:
1. “About the brown paper bags” and “Message to the architect of the revolution”, published by The Canadian Fiction Magazine;                                                             2. “Harvey” and “The Parable on the Parable”, published in Echo;                                                                                                    

3. “The Man from Portugal”, published in an anthology by GUERNICA EDITIONS;                                            
Produced by CBC:

4. “Fingers ... fingers”,                                                                                                                                                                     5.  “Vimas”,                                                                                                                                                                                   6.  “Message to the architect of the revolution”,                                                                                                                             7.  “Miss Sigurdson - Vertical Lady”,                                                                                                                                             8. The radio plays, “Inside” and “The signs of life”, were produced and broadcast by CBC, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
My play “The argument“, was produced by the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, BC . ​Canada                                                     
For my prose and radio works I used the name Karl Sandor. For poetry, Karoly Sandor.
Presently I am working on a volume of my poems.                                              
Additional comments:
In Agrippina , the author, professor Anthony A. Barrett gave credit for “The completed version was read by my friend Karl Sandor, who offered a number of insightful suggestions“. (Foreword, XVI)
In Livia, First Lady of Imperial Rome - By Anthony A. Barrett, page XIII, My friend Karl Sandor read through the finished manuscript and made several observations, invariably to the point and invaluable
Biographical note: Karoly Sandor was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to Canada in 1957.

A poem on Page 2.




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​​​​​​Welcome to The poems, short stories and radio plays are available.

A number of the short stories are connected. Nine prose and poem works have been produced and broadcast by CBC Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, other poems, short stories were published in literary journals. The Rights are held by me. Titles and their synopses are available on request. These works are for a discerning reader who enjoys a good story


My name is Karoly Sandor, (Karoly, is a Hungarian equivalent of Charles.) 

BIBLIOGRAPHY, TITLES and more information from 

Love between different species? A life or death love story from behind a very secret Iron Curtain? Or an affair in your dream that might destroy your reality?

But then about a soft, sweet love as it should be.

Thank you for your time. Karoly (Karl) Sandor.

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