The inscription over the entrance of Plato's academy reads,

​Let no one enter here who does not know geometry.

The inscription over this volume of verses reads;

​Do not enter here if you did not dream of your lover,  

​If you did not run to be on time for a date,

If you did not spy on her window,

If you did not want to see her in the nude

If the hymns on the way she walks

Would not fill the shelves of your lust's library.

Do not enter here if you did not learn love's Heliometry.

You surveyed all my Angles,

Allowed by Latitude, studied my Degrees and Longitude,

Categorized my points, visited my Circle, 

You live in my Sphere,

Dissected my Hyperbolas,

Abhored the Triangles,

You solved the Parabolas, and tired of Parallels

Numbered my Cubes, sliced my Cone,

Leveled my Plane, and circumscribed the Pyramid. 

You are the Princess of my Cylinders,

​Mistress of Rectangles, tolerant of a Square,

Goddess of Curves, in your sun blessed land,

You fill my Compass.

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