In the snow.

Put your little hand on my face,

​Put your ear against my chest,

Can you hear my heart? Softly

Step by step, I left my heart

In the first letter of your name

​In the snow.

​All the stars see J.

Good night, beautiful, dear Jules.

Ciao, Karl.


Good night dear Jules, after a busy day, I go and listen to the songs I composed for you and hope that you would appear in my dream.  You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I know. Miss you. I hope you enjoy, manage well at your new place. Ciao, Karoly.

2020-01-17 Friday

Dear, beautiful Jules, I finished the song, I composed a very beautiful song for you. A duet, soprano-tenor with a violin. (I might change it for a lyrical bariton), They are singing. The lyrics are not written in yet. Listening to the song, you will cry. It is set up for to be accompanied by a violin, cello, crystal bells. 

Good night dear Jules. Have a lovely dream, cast me a minor role in the most important play by my heart.

Ciao, Karoly.

2020-01-16 Thursday

I saw you for fifty-five seconds,

Your image transported me to the world

I always wanted to live in;

To go there, is possible only if I keep writing,

The words are my key to your world filled with wonders,

My words are my key to enter the city where you live,

Where I can find you, turn winter into spring,

Love you.

The little old lady, remembering, will cry,

Years passed by.

She could have been the Queen of an empire of words and songs,

Blood and brain, embraces and kisses,

Not a slave of another.

I saw you for fifty-five seconds,

Now, have nothing but the image

Of your beautiful face in my mind.


Dear Jules, Good morning 'edes. I wish you have a good day at work or learning, or both. Here, on the campus, we have 7 inches of snow, that looks like ten. Dear Jules, I drive a four-wheel drive Rav-4, with the best snow tires in the world; if you want to go somewhere and the weather would not permit it, let me know, I take you there. I  have already checked the road. Well, I would have to survive our meeting first, you sitting in the car next to me? Would I be able to keep my eyes off you? To keep my eyes on the road, would you tell me a fairy tale of a young prince who have been cursed to appear as a hundred year old old men, who would stop his car on the snow-covered road, overcome by your beauty more mesmerizing that of Helen of Troy, or Hero, the young priestess who loved Leander, or poor Juliette, find a notary and pour his heart out, tell you that he loves you, and marry you? I? I would follow your instructions as to which road to take to your destination, keep on driving because I love you, obey that your heart dictates. Could you be a little late on the account of the weather?

Dear Jules, I saw you twice. I see you most nights in my dreams, and miss you day or night. I am going to swim, how I love to be your *Leander, swim the Bosporus to meet you. I could, but I would need a new whole body wet-suit, the water is pretty cold this time of the year. 

* I wrote a story, composed an opera after following the libretto based on the story; Hero and Leander is beautiful, about 20 minutes long. I do have a CD of the music. I wrote it because I anticipated meeting you. 

Dear, beautiful Jules, I hope you have a good, easy day.

Ciao, Karl.


In the darkness of the night

In the brightness of the stars,

I think of you, softly,

Step by step I leave my heart

In the first letter of your name