Recent Works

Dear J, I will write about, for you for the rest of my life. Thank you for looking after me. It could not have been been  easy to look at my face while wracked by pain. Please forget my face. Your professionalism was warmed by your good will to help. And you, so beautiful, came to help when my privacy was taken at the door. My face is still red. That was worse of it all. How could I RELAX? Thank you again. Karoly (Karl) Sandor.

First, this is for you, then for my many friends in Beijing, Cambridge, and Canada

Welcome to Alexandrime.

I will not discard​ the ruby of my love

for you, nor cover your tracks with lilies and red roses, 

Still, the bees on the petals drunk with your honey.

I smell the olive bread, the sweat of your sandals,

burned onions and fats of Mesopotamia,

yet this is impossible for I am buried,

my caresses, fingers and toes are tightly wrapped

in the silks of your good will, sheers of your touch,

or am I only the spokes and wheels of yearning,

spirit in my skull-lamp eternally burning?

​Yes, eternally burning.

You should know that I composed a String quartet for you in five days. Ordinarily it took six weeks to two months. A quartet, interested already took it. I took your name for the title.  That could be changed if you do not like my little gift. You know who you are.  It has German, and Chinese motifs. I? I like it very much; wish that I know whether you play any instrument. I dream so my dream may come true. 

Good night now. May my dream come true.