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​Deuteronomy, 28:31

Thine ass shall be violently taken away from before thy face and shall be not returned to thee.

The music ceased, - the dancer will perish.

In the subterranean garden of human ruins

Angels are crying over the dancing magician.

Flower-form of light, wandering, enchanted,

Lost in the chaos, the rules of the game,

Will he ever be loved? 

Farewell dancer; angels will sway their hips at your funeral,

In the hall of stars, their spirit will surround yours,

And with gentle fingers probe the honey of your mouth.

The chest of my sweet, white bird of love is smashed in,

Now the heart is calm,

The feathers are gummed up with blood,

Red, who would have guessed

That he had so much of it.

Charmed from his nest of flowers,

Harassed from landing,

Right wing torn, a murder took  place,

The body was dragged out into the open, 

My silent, sweet living secret was subject of vivisection,.

You worry about my sanity?

Before meeting you I never thought of dying.

My song is alive, flying,

My white comb will caress, dance in your hair.